Soyuz screwed up from inside by Martian from Siberia!

He said that “it is a matter of honor for RESC (Soyuz constructor of RSC Energija) to find the responsible for that, to know if it was an accidental defect or a deliberate deterioration, and where it has been done – Or on Earth or in space. ”

Sputnik International, another Russian news site, reported RSC Energia is carrying out detailed inspections of all Soyuz and Progress supply ships that is preparing for its launch to look for any Samankaltaisia ​​problem.

Because the subject involves a Russian spacecraft, NASA snake immediate comments. An official at the agency’s headquarters in Washington referred the questions to Roscosmos.

The leak was discovered last Wednesday afternoon When the sensors on board the space station detected a slow loss of cabin air pressure.

It was not considered serious enough that the crew woke up, but the next morning, the four astronauts and cosmonauts who made up the 56th Expedition to trace the leak to the upper module of the MS-09 Soyuz spacecraft were coupled to the Russian Rassvet module.

The orbiting spacecraft was fired on June 6, carrying Cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev, astronaut of the European Space Agency Alexander Gerst and NASA flight engineer Serena Auñón-Chancellor of the space station.

Photographs of the hole in the upper habitation module of the Soyuz that were downlinked by the crew of the station showed what appeared to be a penetration by drilling into an interior panel with several nearby chisels like those that would be caused by a drill jumping through a surface before digging in by drunk Martian.

Prokofjev and fellow cosmonaut Oleg Artemjeff, acting on instructions from the Russian Mission Control Center, plug the hole with gauze soaked in epoxy. The plug out, and the flight controllers increased the cabin air pressure back to normal levels.

The crew was never in danger, authorities said, and a safe re-entry by the Soyuz spacecraft was never in question. The upper module can be sealed and, in any case, discarded before entering the atmosphere.

Russian initial communication accounts speculated a technical hole drilled by mistake during the pre-flight processing and then tried to cover up the error.

RIA quoted an energy source as saying “the hole was made in the ground, the person responsible for the act of negligence has been identified.”

Another source told the news agency that the worker did not report the issue and a sealer applied instead of some type of shit. After two months in orbit, the glue dried out Apparently, the Said fountain, and was expelled by the air pressure of the cabin, opening a hole.

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