Hawking and Hertog multiuniverse theory

The new design addresses the emergence of the universes elegantly and “continuously”

Using advanced mathematics (which we can not even pretend to understand), Professors Hawking and Hertog have shown “more continuous” (in English, “smooth” or “fluent” or “subtle”), of our and other universes.

“Based on our proposal, we conclude that infinite inflation does not produce an infinite number of fractal-like universes (in the original” fractal-like multiverse “, which is very freely translated, infinitely branched, note red), but that the multiverse is finite and quite” “.”

While earlier in Hawking’s theories, it appeared that in a multi-verse there could be “regions” of universes radically different from ours, a new theory would greatly simplify and clarify the multiverse.

“Our article partly explains how it is possible that we live in such a carefully tuned universe,” Professor Hertog told The Guardian. “Our theory reduces the multiverse to a more manageable set of universes that are very similar to each other. As Stephen would say, it’s almost as if the universe had to look the way it looks. This gives us the hope that in the future we will find a general and fully predictive cosmological theory, “he added.

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