ENI´s own ITER

On the other hand, nuclear fusion is such a great dream that undoubtedly also deserves innovative approaches – and a more flexible approach than that which characterizes ITER moles. And not only ENI hopes the technology is overtaking the slow-rolling mills of the international project and that they invest in smaller, more flexible nuclear fusion projects. For example, the planet’s most richest man, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, has long favored the public interest in General Fusion. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen turned out to be a small company known as Tri Alpha.

Perhaps you will only consider them as “toys” for billionaires who have money to spend. However, some ITER physicists and designers  with whom the author has the opportunity to speak admit that at least some of these “insanity” are well thought out.

What is certain is that the dream of a “star in thermos” is still not dying, and many people are clearly convinced that they are really within range. The fact that they have managed to get the oil miner, among other things, can only be a sign of an uncertain time in the energy sector where traditional companies are trapped. But maybe it also means we’ve really gotten into a phase where a nuclear fusion is worth a small bet.

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